Reshmi Mitra Announces Biopic On Shishir Kumar Bhaduri-Borobabu


HNExpress Staff Reporter : Director Reshmi Mitra has announced a biopic on Shishir Kumar Bhaduri, the father of modern Bengali theatre. The biopic will be titled “Borobabu”. Nothing could have been a better choice of a name for Shishir Kumar as he was known by the artists of that era as “Borobabu,” which is a nickname that denotes a supremo. Reshmi Mitra, who will also be directing the movie, is responsible for everything from the idea for the movie to all of the research. Ujjal Chattopadhyay has been in charge of the dialogue and screenplay. Bickram Ghosh, Reshmi Mitra, and Suman Bhattacharyya of Danaos Production were all present at the press conference for the announcement.


While this biopic does not accurately portray historical events, it does place them in the context of Sisir Kumar Bhadhuri’s illustrious career and life. The main focus of the movie is the struggle of the actor’s personal life brought on by the relationship between Prabha Debi and Kankabati, who both performed in Sisir Kumar’s theatre and added emotion to the actor’s life. Prabha was a fantastic actor, and everyone complimented her acting abilities. However, Sisir Kumar was a professor of English who left college to participate in a new wave of theatre, and Prabha lacked formal education.


He created a theatre production of Tagore’s comedy because he liked the poet. The actor was impacted by Kankabati because she was a smart girl who could sing and recite Tagore; as a result, his early life was devastated by a series of unfortunate incidents. Usha, his wife, committed suicide, and the actor’s terrible background plagued him in a torturous fashion with a shadow of death.

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Reshmi Mitra added “Biopics are not made much in the Bengali film industry. I, therefore, considered portraying the biography of a famous person who the Bengali public may identify with. The entire team is eager to start working on the floors soon because we have promised to give our audience an unforgettable experience.”


According to Danaos Production’s Suman Bhattacharyya, “Sisir Kumar made his own efforts to resurrect our theatre. He suffered hardship, suffering, and joy in his quest to promote Bengali drama internationally as well. His attempts to promote Bengali theatre internationally are still remembered. A comprehensive chronology of the events is not shown in the movie “Borobabu,” but the filmmaker aims to depict the love conflict, passion, artistic expression, depression, search for the truth, and inner thoughts of the maestro. We hope that our ground-breaking effort proves to be a turning point in Indian cinema history”.

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