‘Arts Alive – The Arts, The Artists, and The Times”


HNExpress Staff Reporter : The Creative Arts (India) in collaboration with Testimony Arts (Australia) announced the Indo-Pacific launch of’Arts Alive – The Arts, The Artists and The Times’ 2022 in the presence ofhonorary guests such as Rowan Ains worth, Consul General, Australian Consulate in Kolkata and Sayan Bhattacharya, education officer, Indian Museum. The event was moderated by Anjum Katyal, Editor, Author and Festival Director. The event was also graced by other notable personalities from various walks of life such as Pradeep Khemka  the Hon. CG, Debanjan Chakravarti, director of British Council, East, Namit Bajoria, Director of Kutchina and Honorary Consul General of Macedonia, Reena Dewan Director of KCC and others.


Artists, and The Times’,in collaboration with Testimony Arts, Australia.The Creative Arts and Testimony Arts have been selected as grantees of the prestigious Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grant 2021-22 for the ircollaborative Indo -Pacific‘ Arts Alive’ web in ar series, curated by Ramanjit Kaur (Founder Director, The Creative Arts, India) and Tammy Brennan(Director, Testimony Arts, Australia).This conversational series brought together art practitioners, curators and funders from India, Australia and worldwide to look into the dialogic intersection of different artistic disciplines (music, dance, theatre, visualarts, literature, filmmaking, festival curation, residency and funding), used to create and curate performances and interventions in the international cultural context. The launch was also supported by Australian High Commission, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Indian Museum,Kolkata, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, and 75 Years- Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.


In times when mobility and gathering of people in a ‘space’ is still asubjecttomenace, this series is an initiative conceptualized by Ramanjit Kaur, launched by The Creative Arts in 2021, to map thejourney of the Creators and the Curators before, during and post-pandemic. The series has successfully completed 7 episodes featuring artists from India,UK and USA-Padmashree Neelam Mansigh Chowdhry, Bhai Baldeep Singh, Mahesh Dattani, Michael Walling, Anita Ratnam, DipankarMukherjee, ChandraDasan, LissaTylerRenaud, RicardoKhanandKabirSinghChowdhry.

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Theprojectproposestoquestionthewaysinwhichtheartscommunitywould adapt the indefinite ‘new normal’. This global health crisis hasresulted in significant decrease in creative production and has madeeveryone reflect on re-structuring methods of ‘creating a performanceorartpiece’,‘observingaperformanceorartpiece’andreceivingfundsfor the same. The series aims to study the process of transition tounderstand the persistent adaptation taken up by the arts and culturalsector within India and globally, in recent times. It focuses on mapping the journey of arts, artists, art practices and its impact on the community,toobserve and understand the path ways to recovery through arts.‘ArtsAlive’emphasizesonthevitalitytoengageindialogue with art practitioners from all over the world and record theirjourneysasretrospectivepointforcontemporaryandfutureartists.


The series will be archived and documented in the form of an E-bookandprintversion.

The ‘Arts Alive’ Indo-Pacific series, curated by Ramanjit Kaur andTammy Brennan is aseries of conversations with artists and speakersfrom India, Australia and worldwide, covering various aspects of Arts –Deborah Leiser Moore, Kirtana Kumar, Vanessa Tomlinson, Sandeep Bhagwati, AlexWisser, Smriti Rajgarhia, Jahnavi Phalkey, Pippa Dickson, Jeremy Smith,Victoria Hunt,Shilpika Bordoloi,Raghav Handa, Gaele Sobott, Abhishek Annica, Malika Booker, Maryann TaliaPau,LibbyHarwardandLeenaKejriwal.The Launch will haved ignitaries and luminaries from various Consulates, Arts and Corporate world. The speakers from across the globe shared their stories of thepandemic times and how their methodology of work underwent several changes and what the future of this discipline holds for them.

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Ramanjit Kaur said, “I believe that art is something that has to beexperienced from very close quarters to be able to comprehend itsdepth. However, that has been hindered owing to the pandemic. ThisbroughtmetoconceptualisethisprojectasIfelttheneedtohearfromtheartists,theirpersonalexperiencesduringthesetroubledtimesandhow it might have affected their art. I hope that these discussions willcreate an in-depth archive of the interventions of myriadart formsduringtheseunprecedentedtimesforpresentandfuturegenerationstocome.”