R. D. Burman’s Birthday Celebrated At Panchamer Adday With New Menu


HNExpress Staff Reporter : R. D. Burman or Rahul Dev Burman was a great Indian music director who was also known as a Music Scientist and King of Bollywood Music. He is among the best music directors in the Indian music industry. He had composed 331 songs during his lifetime and he was the son of eminent music composer Sachin Dev Burman.


The first themed café of its kind, Panchamer Adday, is dedicated to R .D. Burman. As a result, the café held a grand birthday celebration for him on his 83rd birthday. There was a musical vibe on his birthday. The café’s main specials included a 15% discount on fries—favorite—on Panchamda’s orders of any size and complimentary drinks when you order fries.
Numerous visitors filled the afternoon, some of whom frequented the café and were R.D. Burman fans. Following R.J. Arvind’s cake-cutting ceremony, some of the legendary chef’s signature dishes were put on display. With the live music, the evening got lively.


The founder is a great fan of Pancham Da. “All of us grew up listening to him. I have always wanted to create a café in his honor, and Kolkata—where Pancham da spent his formative years—seems like the ideal location” said founder Amrita Annie.

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