‘Kolkata Poetry Confluence’ announces first of its kind international multilingual literary fest along with a poetry book fair in June


HNExpress Staff Reporter : ‘Kolkata Poetry Confluence’, first of its kind, international multilingual literary fest along with an exclusive poetry book fair has been announced on Monday. Scheduled to take place on 11th and 12th of June 2022, the event promises a transformational experience to the lovers of verse and words in the city of joy. During the launch Press Conference, Singer, Composer & Director Anindya Chatterjee; Poet & Lyricist Srijato; Director Sudeshna Roy; Author and Director, Actor & Writer Abhijit Guha were present at the Press Club.


Kolkata Poetry Confluence – River of Words is a transformational poetry experience celebrating multilingualism and diversity through an array of performances, seminars and workshops. The Antonym and Bhasha Samsad: Publishing has joined hands to organize the festival. Many nationally and internationally acclaimed poets, translators and performers from India, Africa, Colombia and Italy will be coming together too.


Prof. Chaiti Mitra, Director of Kolkata Poetry Confluence mentioned, “In our attempt to explore various facets of poetry, we shall throw lights on translation, poetic films, music and a plethora of other performative verse arts, to forward conversations on visual, tangible poetry. Screening of renowned poetry films and award winning entries from “Poetry in Motion” competition will be there as well. Multiple unique competitions on poetic arts and translation are already open as well for all enthusiasts.

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