Kanchi Completes 100 Episodes; Christmas Extravaganza With Underprivileged Children


HNExpress Staff Reporter : Aakash Aath organized a Christmas Extravaganza with the team of their recently launched serial “Kanchi” and the underprivileged children of Joyjeet Das Memorial School at Sinha Roy Studio in Narendrapur. The lead cast and crew members of the serial consisted of actress Kathakali Chakraborty, Omi Mukherjee, Tulika Basu, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Bharat Kaul, and director Manish Ghosh were present for this celebration.


This event also marked the 100th Episode Celebration of Kanchi. ‘Kanchi’ played by Kathakali Chakraborty has been immensely accepted by the viewers especially the children. In the story, the lead character with her distinctive accent and the funny games is much loved by the children.


The Christmas evening was followed by a grand cake-cutting ceremony and distribution of gift packets and Christmas Caps among the fifteen underprivileged children of the school.

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