New Launch Feminine Health and Hygiene Care Products


HNExpress Devdeep Karmakar, Kolkata : H R Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd – Rajkot Gujarat based company engaged in Feminine Health and Hygiene Care products.


Mrs. Binita Hemal Borsadiya AS a MANAGING DIRECTOR In late 2016 very well educated, brave and dynamic housewife thought of doing something good with her life, she had a dream to build a company in which she can give chance to those female who has a spark to do something. She had a talk with her husband and plan to set up a unit near 27 km away from main city.  Though she was well educated but she was a part of social taboo of Indian society, she wanted to break the rule and wanted to prove that if girl bleeds she is capable of re-production, even she started social media campaign on Hang till Death Sentence in India against Rape.


She plan to manufacture sanitary pads and panty liners for better health of today’s women.  With very strong vision and mission woman empowerment mission she plan to build this factory with Rs. 18.00 cr.

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Though she was pregnant and expecting 2ed issues she started working on it and took 20 months to finish this company with offering job to 50 female from nearby villages.


When she was pregnant she thought not on sanitary pads but during periods female face many PMS issues. She again stared searching and did research on it with rectification and corrective way without any side effects and problems.

She gather team of Doctors from Ayurveda and naturopathy who did extensive R&D on few major issues of feminism. Today HRHPL have below mention 100 % Ayurveda based products for Indian and global market.

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1.       Period care nutritional product – UPCARE
2.       Vagina Rejuvenation and its care. – OCARE
3.       Uterus repair and rejuvenation enhancing fertility. CORDYCARE
4.       Making of sanitary pads looking to Asian weather, Food habits & Skin type and flow type.

Today HRHPL has more than 58 female on floor and 10 skilled female heading main department right from HR TO EXPORT department all female are working.

Later Mrs. Drashti Sheradiya sister in law in relation join Mrs. Binita Borsadiya and fortunately we have our most convinced products available in north and north east part of India.

To run this company on commercial run company appointed Project and Marketing Consultant Mr. Amiit K Bagthalia – who has overall experience of 20 yrs. in various fields. Working for hygiene industry in Asia, Africa and GCC. Carrying domestic and international experience he took this challenge and, shape up the Brand with vision and mission of Mrs. Binita H Sheradiya.
Sasta nahi sahi pad chuno
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